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Providing innovative CAD/CAM solutions for over 25 years, Automated Solutions, LLC is positioned to revolutionize the leather cutting industry with the HideSaver.


Packaging Solutions

We offer a complete line of specialty packaging bags, DuraGuard and EcoPak, and Wrap-It

cold seal products for the upholstered furniture industries. Find out how our packaging products can reduce or eliminate more transit damage.

Cold Seal Products

Cro-nel® & Nyvel® are versatile packaging materials made from a combination of paper and foam with a cohesive coating on the foam side. Using Cro-nel® & Nyvel®, you can create a secure envelope or product protection just by pressing the two pieces of cohesive material together.



Do you need to make your existing fabric cutting machines more productive? Reduce your labor costs? Reduce your operator training times? You can do it all by adding MatchWizard to your existing machines.



Do you have need a quicker way to get your hard patterns into a digital format? QuickDigit is the answer.


Replacement Cutting Surfaces

Tired of paying too much for OEM replacement cutting surfaces? Do you want more durability for your money? Check out our complete line of cutting surfaces.

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